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This blog is called Ideas From My Notes, but I’m starting it today because I also want to write about my life a little. I also write some fiction, and I’ll probably post, or at least link, some of it, some fine day.

I’m looking at page 100, maybe, of my longest continuing journal right now. Blocks and blocks of writing obscure  graphing paper in pencil and every color of ink, with a few drawings interspersed. I have 3 other journals right now, so I can’t claim to be organized. They are loosely themed, though.

I record my (somewhat) contiguous ideas about spirituality. I write a little about philosophy. I write about stories and work on story problems. I write a lot about math, physics, biology, engineering, and lately some music. I work on math problems and write about them, and I take a lot of notes.

But I often don’t record what turn out to be the vital details of my personal life. I need to connect these spheres of my life. So, I felt like starting a blog about my ideas would help me to expose the framework, etc.

Also, I hope that some of the things that I imagine and suspect to be useful can be channeled here into reality. Or, they can be squashed in a more timely fashion than my lone reason can espy their uselessness.

The final entry in this journal looks pretty silly 12 days later. It shows an idea that I could tack onto my SF arc, but I do not see how I could connect it to characters in a story. The idea: a non-molten-cored planet could employ a crude fusion reactor to melt the core. This desirable for several reasons, the foremost being that dynamo theory predicts that a molten core is required for a planetary magnetic field, and that encourages an atmosphere to grow. Of course, when the core melts, the absurdly intense pressure of the full weight of the planet might push the liquid magma into the reaction chamber, so this whole scenario is implausible. However, there could be a reworking.

I will go to sleep thinking about how to fix this idea.


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May 7, 2011 at 7:36 am

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